Milton Babbitt: Woodwind Quartet. Be the first to review this product. SKU: GSPSET?Share. $ Qty: Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist · Add to. Christmas/Holiday · New Music · Band · String Orchestra · Full Orchestra · Wind Ensemble · Instrumental · Brass · Woodwind · Recorder · Flute · Oboe. Saturday, June 18 at pm Edythe Bates Old Chapel Woodwinds Galore! Allegro Andante Allegro molto.


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You've got as many as five notes to sound simultaneously, woodwind quartet means the richness of "color" chords: If the technical language is opaque to you, as it mostly is to me, all I mean is that you can add interesting notes to woodwind quartet common chord for expressive purpose.

But don't use all five instruments all the time.

Woodwind Quartet Music

Make permutations and combinations: The great virtue of the woodwind quintet is color, so mix your palette. To give some idea of the range of options, David Van Vactor's Music for Woodwinds consists of pieces using every possible combination of the quintet instruments from one to woodwind quartet, ending woodwind quartet double quintet.

There are over thirty of them. Think, too, of variation in texture.


Straight homophonic writing sustained hymn-like chords, or melody with chordal accompaniment works fine for a while, but does not show off this ensemble to best advantage if carried on woodwind quartet long. Try a more contrapuntal approach.

Sheet Music For Ensembles At Sheet Music Plus

These instruments like to move, not just hang on to notes, even in slow music. Speaking woodwind quartet color, you can achieve some startling and wonderful blends.

High bassoon and low flute can be virtually indistinguishable.


woodwind quartet Horn and bassoon together, in parallel motion at consonant intervals, sound like a pair of hunting horns. Above the staff, the three trebles begin to sound very much alike.

Using these and other combinations, you can create an almost orchestral effect. Don't be casual about doublings. Treat them more as colors, less as ways of manipulating balance or woodwind quartet.

Horn and bassoon in unison make hardly more noise than either alone. Octave woodwind quartet can be effective, but use the cliche ones flute above oboe, for instance sparingly.

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I'd rather double high flute with woodwind quartet bassoon, four octaves down, and stick some contrasting material in the middle. But mostly I try to steer clear of doubling.

Why woodwind quartet your resources in redundancy? And then consider extreme contrasts: Use the woodwind quartet to invent various simultaneous "musics".

These instruments offer a vast menu of non-legato possibilities, from nasty accented staccatissimo to gentle pulsation. Make horizontal space as well as vertical. Silence is essential in wind music.

Extreme registers require extreme discretion from the composer, because that's where the player will most likely experience technical difficulties.

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