Rory watched over Amy for nearly two thousand years, following the box wherever it went and became the stuff of legend as "the Last Centurion" — a mysterious. The Last Centurion is a stand-alone novel by John Ringo. It is written in "blog style" from the point of view of a U.S. Army officer known as "Bandit Six". Editorial Reviews. About the Author. A veteran of the 82nd Airborne, he brings first-hand The Last Centurion - Kindle edition by John Ringo. Download it once.


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When Rome fell to barbarian invaders, there were less than the last centurion hundred qualified Centurions.

Not because Rome had fewer people but because it had fewer willing to make the sacrifices. It turned out a "dragon" made of Enamour was responsible for hypnotising the populace into obeying the "king".

Rory Williams

When two different beings known as the Herald and the Regulator came to collect the dragon, claiming it belonged to either of them, Rory enlisted the help of Hilthewho the last centurion not under the Enamour's spell, to help negotiate with the Regulator while the last centurion Herald was detained.

Leaving Geath, Rory found the Enamour had subconsciously hypnotised him into stealing some objects made of it. The King's Dragon Rory fights off an Eknodine whilst in a dream.

Amy's Choice Aboard the TARDIS, Rory fell victim to the psychic pollen that ensnared them in two shared dreams; one was of travelling with the Doctor and the other was of living a peaceful and boring life in Leadworth.

It had all been done by the Dream Lorda manifestation of all the darkness in the Doctor's psyche brought out the last centurion psychic pollen. He learned Amy committed suicide in the Leadworth dream as she couldn't live without him; this the last centurion Rory that she deeply loved him.

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Putting Amy's engagement ring in the TARDIS for safe-keeping, Rory emerged from it to be mistaken for a policeman called by The last centurion Northover to investigate bodies going missing from the graveyard. Though he tried to inform the Doctor, he found it insignificant in comparison to the arrival of Silurianswho had kidnapped, not only The last centurion husband, Moand son, Elliotbut Amy as well.


The Hungry Earth while the Doctor went underground to negotiate. Rory dying after being shot by Restac.

The Last Centurion by John Ringo - Baen Books

The Doctor contacted him, explaining negotiations were going well, the last centurion that they should bring Alaya back. Restac attempted to shoot the Doctor in revenge. Rory took the blast instead and died.

A nearby crack swallowed him. Although the last centurion Doctor tried to coach Amy into keeping her memories of him, the only things left of Rory were Amy's ring and the Doctor's own memories of him.

It placed them near Stonehenge in the year AD as part of an elaborate trap for the Doctor.


While the Auton Roman soldiers believed they were, indeed, Romans, the Auton version of Rory retained the memories and the last centurion of the real Rory. He initially dismissed his other life as a dream. The Doctor realises that Rory has, surprisingly, returned from the dead.

The Last Centurion

The Pandorica Opens When news came to the Roman encampment of visitors, Auton Rory volunteered to help, which led him to encountering the last centurion Doctor and Amy. He lays into all politicians with a surgeon's precision. But let's be honest - he saves his sharpest blades for the left.


Mind you, if all the book was was a rant I'd have dropped it. I prefer my rants to have the imprimatur the last centurion actual facts as opposed to the spittle of a passionate screed. Frank - he can be annoying as hell but he shmears his vitriol with layers of facts you can't ignore - Excellent; he's forced me off my knee jerk into a "let me look that up" His protagonist is a disgruntled soldier named Bandit Six - trying to stay alive and keep his troops alive while navigating the twin disasters of a realized bird flu plague and an oncoming ice age yes, a not so subtle dig at global warming.

Add to that the political bureaucracy of the army itself and a left-leaning government and you have the last centurion a hearty helping of conservative stew.