Vojislav Šešelj is a Serbian politician, writer, lawyer, and convicted war criminal. He is the founder and president of the nationalist Serbian Radical Party (SRS).Political party‎: ‎SKJ‎ (–81); ‎SPO‎ (–90);. Read the latest magazines about Seselj and discover magazines on SESELJ'S STATEMENTS - ICTY Dr Vojislav Seselj Knjige Download Pdf. Knjige za lomacu /​ Vojislav Seselj. Author. Seselj, Vojislav. Published. Parramatta: Macarthur Press, Physical Description. p. Subjects. Philosophy.


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A power struggle spilled outside the faculty seselj knjige into the political institutions and corridors of power. Belgrade intellectuals, mostly writers and researchers in the social seselj knjige, came to his defense by writing letters of protest to the government of the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo.

He became critical of the way in which the national question was dealt with in Yugoslavia: In his view the Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina were not a nation but a religious group. He expressed his concern of seeing Bosnia and Herzegovina turn into a republic dominated by Muslims.

Knjige za lomacu / Vojislav Seselj. - Version details - Trove

He was on a train from Sarajevo heading to Belgrade when the secret police burst on board around Podlugovi station and seized some of his writings that he seselj knjige in the suitcase.

Among the agents handling his arrest that day was Dragan Kijac later Republika Srpska state security chief. Several days after being jailed at Sarajevo's Central Prison, he began a hunger strikewhich attracted the attention of the seselj knjige press.

In jail, he passed the time by seselj knjige without devoting much effort to preparing his seselj knjige at the impending trial. Weak, frail, and with rapidly deteriorating overall health, he eventually relented on the last day of the trial, ending the strike after 48 days.

Vojislav Šešelj

From the start his attitude he informed the prison officials of his refusal to do any labour, reasoning that "since jailed communists didn't have to do prison labour in the pre- World War II capitalist YugoslaviaI seselj knjige, as someone espousing anti-communist ideology, refuse to do labour in a communist prison".

During his first solitary seselj knjige stay he went on another hunger strike. A week into his strike, he was beaten by the guards in an effort to force him to stop, but he did not, lasting 16 days without food. In total, out of his fourteen months in Zenica, six and a half were spent in solitary confinement.

Dr Vojislav Šešelj

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