Proshansky, H. M., Fabian, A. K., & Kaminoff, R. . de identidad social urbana: una aproximacion entre lapsicologia social y la psicologia ambiental. Apuntes para una Historia de la Psicología Ambiental (I): Del .. Proshansky, Ittelson and Rivlin in their book Environmental Psychology. Responsibility: Edited by Harold M. Proshansky, William H. Ittelson [and] Leanne G. Rivlin. Behavior. Psicologia Ambiental · Omgevingspsychologie.


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Arizona State University offers a master's in Environmental Resources, which takes more of a planning approach to the field. The Environmental Psychology Ph.


D program at the CUNY Graduate Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to examining and changing "the serious problems associated with the urban environment with a view towards affecting public policy" using proshansky psicologia ambiental science theory and research methods.

As discussed in detail on the program website, "recent research has addressed the experiences of recently housed homeless people, the privatization of public space, socio-spatial conflicts, children's safety in the public environment, relocation, community based approaches to housing, the design of specialized environments such as museums, zoos, gardens and hospitals, the changing relationships between home, family and work, the environmental experiences of gay men and lesbians, and access to parks and other urban 'green spaces'.

D in Human Behavior and Design studies in environmental psychology, interior design, sustainable design studies, human factors and ergonomics, proshansky psicologia ambiental facility planning and management.

Of two degree paths, the Environmental Design and Health path includes study with community practitioners and researchers in design and related fields, including health, community design, and public policy. Research typically includes data collection and engaged research practices of proshansky psicologia ambiental thinking and participatory design.

This area of investigation has potential to create innovative health and educational partnerships, economic opportunities and neighborhood initiatives and relates to the strategic mission of the university to be highly engaged in civic proshansky psicologia ambiental.

The proshansky psicologia ambiental is on how people are affected by both physical and virtual environments, as well as how people affect nature.


The program offers courses on environmental behaviour, environment and neuroscience, human factors, virtual environments and cognitive design, change management and greening organizations and architecture and estetics. Proshansky psicologia ambiental have examined such topics as environmental aesthetics, spatial cognition, ethnic enclaves, neighborhood decline, neighborhood satisfaction, restorative and livable places, and behavior change.

Prescott College offers a proshansky psicologia ambiental program that incorporates a number of the foundations of environmental psychology as well.

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The sub-fields in which the program provides includes environmental education, environmental studies, ecology, botany, resource policy, and planning. Another description about the program is as follows: Advances in theory and research.

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