Though Newbery Medal-winning author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor originally envisioned the novel as a standalone story, she followed it with a. This item:The Alice Collection/The Middle School Years: The Agony of Alice; Alice in Rapture, Sort Of by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Paperback $ Official site of author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, author of the Shiloh and Alice series.


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That was a really difficult scene to write. But these were phyllis reynolds naylor alice important scenes. The books contain sex, teenage pregnancy, a suicide at one point — as you wrote them, were there issues that you felt like you had a responsibility to cover?

I just thought, in the life of a high school girl, what would she most likely face? I think that few of us phyllis reynolds naylor alice through high school without hearing about the death of a friend, in an accident or something.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor on the last 'Alice' book

I just tried to think, what would she generally encounter in high school? And I think we all knew somebody who was pregnant. We all heard of a suicide.

We all met somebody that we assumed was gay. I just tried to think, what would Alice meet?

The Books in Order

I asked them once — somebody had said that [at] the school they went to, phyllis reynolds naylor alice was easy to get drugs. They all go together; there are just scenes that I love.

So they assign Alice to find out. And of course Alice goes home and asks at the dinner table.


Where do they do it? I also wanted to ask you about the movie version of the books. Yes, that came out a number of years ago. Did you like it? I liked it as a standalone film. You are a genius! Daniella Janolo This series is awesome!!! phyllis reynolds naylor alice

Alice Books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor from Simon & Schuster

Abbey Im so sad that they are over but i am so glad that i have been able to grow up with alice. Jody March 11, at 9: Many a night spent with my night-light up until dawn, laughing so hard, I have tears in my eyes— and next to me, the stack of Alice books phyllis reynolds naylor alice checkout from the library.

Alice taught me that I could have the most embarrassing thing happen, like walking in on a boy in a department store dressing room— and not only live… but turn out to have a successful relationship with them! Thank you for sharing with us, and for so many years— phyllis reynolds naylor alice many that have already commented, these books and Alice, in general, are tales I never want to stop reading.

Of course Alice changed, and not everyone liked it as she became more sophisticated.

The Alice Collection/The Middle School Years

But I knew, once I made up my mind that I was going to carry her through the years, I had to be true to her. Once she became a real person in my head, I was determined to let her lead her own life. She directed the way she wanted to go. Later she gets involved with a boy named Phyllis reynolds naylor alice.

She sometimes says things about adulthood and sex that can shock Elizabeth.