Mumbai Local Train Map. Indian Railways Network Map · Mumbai Local Train Map · Chennai Local Train Map · Hyderabad Metro Route Map. The rail network map of Maharashtra showing the Railway lines five star amenities is a spectacle of Indian railways and begins from Mumbai. The Mumbai Rail Map (MRM) was designed at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at IIT Bombay, Image 1: Existing map of the Mumbai Suburban Rail network.


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The Central and Western Railways link nearly the whole state of Maharashtra to the rest of the country. The Konkan Railway serves the majority of the shoreline areas towards the south of Mumbai rail network.

Sub-urban Railway network, the lifeline of Maharashtra serves 6.

Mumbai Local Train Map

A semi ladies special is a train with a mumbai rail network e. These designations can be combined with fast, slow, etc. There are two classes of travel, including first class.

The first class mumbai rail network is approximately 12 times more expensive than second class, and therefore tends to be less crowded during the non rush hours, though at times it is equally or even more crowded than the general compartments during the rush Hour. First class compartments also have slightly better seats than second class.

Because women can travel separately, there are four types of accommodation, termed 'compartments': The compartment is open to women and children as well.

Women and children can also board this compartment. The coach is designated by red and yellow slant stripes. The location mumbai rail network the same is designated by colouring the platform walls with similar stripes.

This compartment is reserved solely for females, however male children up to the age of 13 can travel in this compartment.

Mumbai Local Train Map

Men are not allowed to travel, and may face a penalty. Some of the coaches of ladies compartments are open to general public between Mumbai rail network are indicated by a note near the doors of the compartments.

The coach is designated by green and yellow slant stripes.

This compartment is often adjacent to the ladies compartment. On a platform, one can locate these by mumbai rail network or by following a 'Beep-Beep-Beep' sound indicator for the visually impaired.

These coaches are open to all the genders.


mumbai rail network One needs a valid certificate of disability to board the compartment. Failure to do so may result in a penalty. Inthe Indian Railways manufactured an AC local train for the smooth and comfortable journey of the commuters.

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It is fully with new added facilities.