FOR TEN YEARS a wide-spanning global “Mardukite“ underground organization has progressively developed a modern methodology reviving the most ancient. I received Michael Cecchetelli's PDF chapbook “Mardukite Magick” yesterday just in time for the hour of Jupiter. I had previously done a simpler. If you are looking for the book Mardukite Magick: The Rites & Rituals of the Babylonian Anunnaki. Tradition by Joshua Free in pdf form, then you have come on.


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You have to buy the books by Joshua Free. They worth every penny.

Mardukite magick | Mardukite NecroGate

He is the real deal. It is an idea, which is why the N-word is included mardukite magick the title.

Simon also presented mardukite magick Necronomicon, and while considered valuable for those who have actually put into practice the contents of his book, some consider the work to be incomplete. But it is much more than that.

Mardukite magick

As I understand it, the author founded a research organization whose goal was to re-discover the original system of magick and religion.

Their mardukite magick began with the earliest mardukite magick available, the clay tablets unearthed from the Middle-East inscribed in cuneiform.


From those translations came most of the contents of this book. Much of the material mardukite magick around mythology, mostly Babylonian but also including Egyptian and a few others, but there are also guidelines for applying the knowledge.

In the end, this is a revival effort, an attempt to reconstruct the mardukite magick spiritual system known to man. As mardukite magick goes, some of the information is cryptic, or maybe some aspects are flexible and require experimentation, but there is much to be found.

It merged into my heart and jolted my three channels.

As I write this, I am still feeling the empowerment mardukite magick I can tell you that it will be several hours before I am able to get to sleep. Anyway, do yourself a favor and get the book.

Mardukite Magic

Even if mardukite magick have never worked with Babylonian dieties before, this will give you what you need to get started. And I really love the tone Michael has in his writings.


Mardukite magick got this formal informality about his writing that is both authoritative and yet approachable at the same time.

In this book, he focuses on the traditional Sumerian sources for his information, and the ritual format and style flows readily and easily. Mardukite magick approach doesn't take a lot of specialized tools, and the rites themselves are fun. Just reading through them, I felt the Jupiter Current Michael mardukite magick tapping begin to flow.

My favorite part is the table at the end with the traditional 50 names of Marduk and the description of each.