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We conclude that this type of auditing evaluation is rather innovative and is being gradually implemented by the health insurance companies, but is not a systematic process. Resultados Na lista de registro, foram classificadas operadoras.

It is important to highlight that among these livro saude total pdf gratis ones, 12 elderly did not respond to questions about satisfaction with life, thus their data were included in the association analysis of the stay in the labor market with the clinical and sociodemographic conditions, but not in the crude and livro saude total pdf gratis analyzes for investigation of association between work and life satisfaction.

The sociodemographic characteristics included are: Self-reports about presence of chronic diseases were obtained stroke, cancer, arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD], depression, osteoporosis and coronary artery diseasediagnosed by a doctor in the last year.

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A questionnaire was used to assess the intensity of satisfaction with life referenced to domains Bienestar subjetivo en la vida adulta y en la vejez: RLP ; 43 The evaluated domains were: For each domain the respondent livro saude total pdf gratis rank their level of satisfaction by choosing one of the following response options: The information about the occupation was obtained through livro saude total pdf gratis questionnaire with semi-structured questions about the working activities conducted throughout life.

In addition to this question, other questions about occupation have identified if the work activity carried out by the respondent referred to a paid work.

The characterization of the main occupation was made from a predefined list livro saude total pdf gratis by the categories of the Brazilian Classification of Occupation CBO According to this classification, the occupation would be a concept designed to encompass the activities carried out by individuals in their daily work routine, which may or may not involve a formal employment.

To estimate the odds ratios and their respective livro saude total pdf gratis intervals for the association of the stay in the labor market with sociodemographic characteristics, presence of chronic pathologies and life satisfaction, a multiple logistic regression was performed.

All results presented of relative frequency and association measures were weighted by sample weight. The permanence frequency in the labor market is showed in Table 1according to the sociodemographic and clinical characteristics.

There was less prevalence of every studied pathologies in the group that was still working compared with the group which has stopped working Table 1.


Systemic arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus were exceptions, without reaching statistical significance. A better health condition is positively associated with working.

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The group of elderly who was still working, reported being more satisfied with life, compared to those who stopped working, except for the satisfaction with the means of transportation. The association of permanence in the labor market with satisfaction referenced to domains is shown in Table 2.

Table 3 describes the results of a multiple logistic regression and shows that the chances of remaining working were higher livro saude total pdf gratis men compared to women; for those with 9 or more years of study, compared to those with low education not studied or until to 4 years of study ; and for those with high income, compared to those who had personal income more two minimum salaries, regardless of medical conditions and life satisfaction.

The increase of age and the presence of heart disease, stroke, COPD, osteoporosis and depression were associated with fewer chances livro saude total pdf gratis remain in work activities.

Livro digital

As for life satisfaction, the logistic model indicated that older people who remain in the labor market are more satisfied with life than those who stopped working, independent of sociodemographic characteristics and clinical conditions.

Discussion In this study, the livro saude total pdf gratis in the labor market after 65 years old was associated with male, younger age groups, with higher educational level and higher income.


In addition, this maintenance of paid work among the elderly was associated with better physical health and greater life satisfaction in the old livro saude total pdf gratis.

As for gender and age factors, Wajnman et al. Os idosos no mercado de trabalho: Os novos idosos brasileiros: Psicol Clin ; 15 2: This is a cultural reality, still preserved, mainly by the older cohorts, in which the role of the caregiver is predominantly occupied by women. It is livro saude total pdf gratis that domestic work and child care continue to be allocated to women, predominantly