Leonardo Oyola has 24 books on Goodreads with ratings. Leonardo Oyola's most popular book is Kryptonita. who will pass in the shadows of endless virtual pages. Names like Leonardo Oyola, Federico Falco, Juan Terranova and Natalia Moret have emerged thus far. Leonardo Oyola has 24 books on Goodreads with ratings. Leonardo Oyola's most popular book is Kryptonita.


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As soon as it started, I liked it.


I was hooked by it. This place was called Taler. It was full at nights and, while waiting for a table to be freed up or for your turn to play, you had a giant screen where they leonardo oyola project movies, soccer matches, Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains the Same", Pink Leonardo oyola "The Wall" and music videos from contemporary bands.


There, drinking the first beers we'd ever tasted, I remember watching this video and being hooked immediately by it, the singer and the song. Throughout the clip, she and another member leonardo oyola the band interpreted different couples from history and fiction.

I was quite a rookie then, I had neither read nor seen much and I could only identify when they played Adam and Eve.

I leonardo oyola liked a lot the song that was playing.

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And apparently at one point I let myself go and started moving my foot, dancing along to the song's leonardo oyola, and I even closed my eyes and started humming it or singing in English leonardo oyola.

Three things that one shouldn't do in a macho bar in the west of Great Buenos Aires. The thing is that when I opened my eyes, the fat bartender at Taler was staring at me, astonished, as if he was frozen. He had a glass and a dishcloth and had been watching me, holding his laughter.

Anyway, he couldn't help mocking me, so he sarcastically said: We started a gesture fight, because he immediately pointed his finger at me and said: I got even more angry leonardo oyola to that I retorted a "Which original?

And that's when I fucked up.

When I said "Which original? And if there's something we cannot stand in the West is someone making the "montoncito" to us. So the fat guy took the dishcloth, cleaned the leonardo oyola counter, turned the glass upside down and went away, while Leonardo oyola thought "That's it, I'm done, I'm getting beaten up, I deserve it, I'm only fourteen, my face is full of zits, I use cowboy boots and floral shirts, I deserve this.

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The bartender at Taler was a badass. But he never got to know, and neither did I know it that night, that he had taught me, or at least given me an idea of what a cover song was. Long before I heard that term on the radio, when some presenter said, for example, that Erasure would play an Abba song, a cover.

It is a version of something that is well-known but differs from the original because of the characteristics of the artist who transforms it. The cover is often the intermediate step that we, those of us who devote ourselves to creating worlds, have to get to our own universes.

This is linked to music, but I suggest we think of it in texts and images. When I was in primary school, a classmate lent me a Larguirucho magazine in the recess. All of them part leonardo oyola the Robin Hood collection. And that was how I first leonardo oyola "Strange Case of Dr.

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