Born in a Bengali Muslim Kazi family, Nazrul Islam received religious education and as a young man worked as a muezzin at a local mosque. He learned about. This is a complete listing of the works by Kazi Nazrul Islam, in the Bengali language. Contents. 1 Poetry; 2 Poems and songs; 3 Short stories; 4 Novels; 5 Plays. Kazi Nazrul Islam was a Bengali poet and musician and is the 'National Poet of Bangladesh'. This biography provides detailed information.


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Popularly known as Nazrul, he produced a large body of poetry and music with themes that included religious devotion and spiritual rebellion against fascism and oppression.

Nazrul's activism for political and social justice earned him the title of "Rebel Poet" Bengali: His compositions form the avant-garde genre of Nazrul Sangeet Music of Kazi nazrul islam.

Kazi Nazrul Islam

Nazrul reached the peak of his fame kazi nazrul islam with Bidrohi The Rebelwhich remains his most famous work, winning the admiration of India's literary society for his description of a rebel.

Earning the moniker of the "rebel poet", Nazrul aroused the suspicion of British Raj authorities. Nazrul was arrested on 23 January and charged with sedition. I have been accused of sedition To plead kazi nazrul islam me, the king of all kings, the judge of all judges, the eternal truth the living God I am a poet; I have been sent by God to express the unexpressed, to portray the unportrayed.

It is God who is heard through the voice of the poet I am an instrument of God.

Kazi Nazrul Islam - Wikipedia

The instrument is not unbreakable, but who is there to break Kazi nazrul islam On 14 Aprilhe was transferred from the jail in Alipore to Hooghly in Kolkata.

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He began a day fast to protest mistreatment by the British jail superintendent, breaking his fast more than a month later and eventually being released from prison in December Nazrul composed numerous poems and songs during his period of imprisonment, and many of his works were banned in the s by the British authorities.

Nazrul became active in encouraging people to agitate against British rule, and kazi nazrul islam the Kazi nazrul islam state unit of the Indian National Congress.

On 16 DecemberNazrul began publishing the Langal 'Plough' kazi nazrul islam, a weekly, and served as its chief editor. Pramila belonged to the Brahmo Samajwhich kazi nazrul islam her marriage to a Muslim. Nazrul in turn was condemned by Muslim religious leaders and continued to face criticism for both his personal life and his professional work, which attacked social and religious dogma and intolerance.

Kazi Nazrul Islam - IMDb

Despite controversy, Nazrul's popularity and reputation as kazi nazrul islam "rebel poet" increased significantly. His work began to transform as he wrote poetry and songs that articulated the aspirations of the working class, a sphere of his work known as "mass music".

Thou hast given me Courage to reveal kazi nazrul islam. To thee I owe My insolent, naked eyes and sharp tongue. Thy curse has turned my violin to a sword O proud saint, thy terrible fire Has rendered my heaven barren.


O my child, my darling one I kazi nazrul islam not give thee even a drop of milk No right have I to rejoice. Poverty weeps within my doors forever As my spouse and my child.

Who will play the flute?

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The first record of Islamic songs by Nazrul was a commercial success and many gramophone companies showed interest in producing them. A significant impact of Nazrul's work was that it made Muslims more comfortable with the Bengali arts, which used to be dominated by Bengali Hindus.

His Islamic songs are popular during Ramadan in Bangladesh. He was also recruited by the Indian Broadcasting Company. In his poem "Naree" "Women"Nazrul kazi nazrul islam what kazi nazrul islam sees as the long-standing oppression of women, proclaiming their equality: Whatever great or benevolent achievements That are in this world Half of that was by woman The other half by man.

However, most of his descriptions of women do not extend beyond domestic roles.