I'd like to add my own hyperlinks to the that will take me from a to easily), then I think the easiest way to do this is in Foxit Reader. "Safe Mode" is one such measure in Foxit Reader. When you click such a link, the PDF reader may inform you that it's disallowed: Foxit. How can I remove all hyperlinks from a PDF in one click and just leave the text? . You can download Foxit PhantomPDF (paid application, but you have 14 day.


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How do I get Foxit Reader to let me click on links?

After opening, you simply hold down the mouse and draw a rectangle on the page—or a perfect square if you prefer, by holding the Shift key while drawing. Thickness of the sides Border style hyperlink in pdf foxit, dashed or underline Highlighting effects once the link is clicked Outline and inset of the shape Color of the shape Of course, your final option is the destination of the link—as in, where readers go when they click the link.

Using PDF software such as PhantomPDF, you may set the destination as a page in the current document, as a page in another document, as a named position or as a web page. Other Hyperlink in pdf foxit The most common link you tend to encounter is a web link—one that takes you to a specific web page.


This will turn every web link in the file into a working hyperlink. The other common link tool used in PDF software is the Bookmarking tool that allows you hyperlink in pdf foxit set specific points within the document.


Bookmarks assigned to these points allow readers easy navigation with a click. This feature is extremely useful when creating a table of contents or a sidebar to the PDF file.


Kinda sorta, but not really. As you can see when safe mode was disabled, you weren't prevented from clicking the link, but you were warned, with a clear indication of the destination of the hyperlink in pdf foxit.

Rather than having your PDF reader trust no one, it's now up to you to know who to trust.

Why the clickable links don’t work in Foxit Reader?

The hyperlink in pdf foxit is that PDF files do more than open pages in your web browser. Foxit's own words around the safe reading mode option: Foxit recommends that you check this option for controlling unauthorized actions and data transmissions; including URL connections, launching external files, and running Javascript functions to efficiently avoid attacks from malicious documents.

As I've said, PDF is a powerful format. With that comes risk. Make URL connections - which hyperlink in pdf foxit opening up your web browser to a web page.

How do I get Foxit Reader to let me click on links?

Unless you have the opportunity to examine the URL first, a malicious document could take you to a malicious web site. Launch external files - hyperlink in pdf foxit means clicking a link in a PDF document could run a program on your machine.

Perhaps a malicious program, perhaps a standard program used in a malicious way. Run Javascript - just like in your web browser, Javascript can be included in PDF documents and can hyperlink in pdf foxit used for good The fact is that Foxit's safe reading mode is, perhaps, a bit of overkill as it disables all of these at once.

That's unfortunate in my opinion, because allowing clickable links is quite common, whereas running programs or Javascript, while possible, is rarely seen in actually PDF documents. I'd love to see an option to ONLY allow clicks - with a preview - to http: URLs and leave the other items disabled.

Next Steps If you regularly receive documents from hyperlink in pdf foxit that you trust and you have the ability to evaluate any suspicious actions hyperlink in pdf foxit the reader warns you about them, then I'd feel safe disabling this option.

As you can see, it's required to enable clickable links in PDF documents.