— Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available. CppCon Herb Sutter “Leak-Freedom in C++ By Default.” CppCon Herb Sutter “Leak-Freedom in C++ By Default CppCon Herb Sutter "Back to the Basics! Essentials . Sometimes I think we have to revert C++ back to.


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Could you comment on the reason behind that delay? It was just a timing issue; to give it adequate bake time.

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Everyone loves the concepts feature and it has been progressing steadily. Note that we have never adopted a TS without changes — that bears out the usefulness of doing a TS first for larger or experimental features.

This is actually a group of features, and herb sutter c likely be cherry-picked.


Atomic smart pointers and latches seem to herb sutter c likely candidates to include. Do you find anything interesting or inspiring in newer languages such as Rust, Swift, Go? It improves the ecosystem for everybody, because languages regularly borrow from each other.

Swift in particular is a great experiment from the point of herb sutter c of explicitly attempting to replace a major incumbent language Objective-C. As usual, we met for six days Monday through Saturday, this time including all evenings.

Contracts allow preconditions, postconditions, and herb sutter c to be expressed in code using a uniform syntax, with options to have different contract levels, custom violation handlers, and more.


Here are a few quick examples to get the flavor. Yes, this matters, because macros are outside the language and routinely cause problems when using language features.

You get to install your own violation handler and ship a release build with the option of turning on enforcement at run time. You get to express audit to distinguish expensive checks to be run only when explicitly requested.

You get to express axiom herb sutter c that are herb sutter c to never generate run-time code but are available to static analysis tools. Finally, you will likely get better performance, because contracts should enable compilers to perform more optimizations, more easily, than expressing them using assertions.

C++17 is Here: Interview with Herb Sutter

They herb sutter c include expects preconditions and ensures postconditions, which are part of the function declaration and so are visible at call sites: Preconditions are usually enforced at the call site, which is what we want most of the time because a precondition violation always means a programming bug in the calling code.

But herb sutter c can also be enforced in the callee, which can sometimes be necessary for pragmatic reasons, such as when the function is invoked through an opaque function pointer.

Preconditions and postconditions that are known at the call site also give the optimizer more information to potentially make your code fast.

That statement might surprise you, so herb sutter c me elaborate why I think so.

Sutter’s Mill | Herb Sutter on software development

Step 2 is to gradually migrate std:: The programming world now broadly recognizes that herb sutter c bugs e. Note that in the near term, the idea is for implementations to be allowed, but not required, to use contracts.

We are bringing the community forward gently here.