Grammar Translation Method: Description, history and example of a lesson using this method. An article discussing the grammar-translation approach to language learning. Grammar Translation. Illustrations. The Grammar-Translation method had been defined and described as follows: A way of teaching in which students study.


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Learning & Teaching Foreign Languages

There has been an enormous amount of similar research carried grammar translation approach by many other applied linguists. The findings of such research have largely been in favour of the GT approach.

In my case, I was particularly concerned with the largely unsupported advocacy of Mike Long of the communicative approach and published numerous articles in this vain and in doing so became something of a persona non-grata - an unfortunate syndrome of the dangers of critiquing the current 'flavour' of the period I would be very happy to discuss the issues grammar translation approach with anyone inclined to do likewise.

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Best wishes, Unsuitable or offensive? The skill exercised is reading, and then only in the context of translation.


Materials[ edit ] The mainstay of classroom materials for the grammar—translation method is the textbook. Textbooks in the 19th century attempted to codify the grammar of the target language into discrete rules for students to learn and memorize.

A chapter in a typical grammar—translation textbook would begin with a bilingual vocabulary list, after grammar translation approach there would be grammar rules for students to study and sentences grammar translation approach them to translate.

The philosopher pulled the lower jaw of the hen.


My sons have bought the mirrors of the Duke. Another problem with grammar translation approach method is that most grammar translation approach the teaching is done through explanation in the learner's first language.

Bogglesworld EFL glossary Grammar-Translation GT has come to be seen as the antithesis of good teaching practice, and much scorn is customarily heaped upon it.

Teaching approaches: the grammar-translation method

The Grammar Translation Method GTM is an method of second language instruction based mostly on the translation of passages from the native language into the target language.

The strategies were based on learning the strict rules of grammar of the target language, to compare the syntax of the native and target language, and to extract specific sentences or paragraphs grammar translation approach be translated back and forth.


Advantages Translation is the easiest and shortest way of explaining meaning of words and phrases. Learners have no difficulties to understand the lesson as it is carried out in the mother tongue.

It is a labor-saving method as the teacher carries out everything in the mother grammar translation approach.

Consequently, there is grammar translation approach of oral interaction, spontaneous use of the language, no translation, and little if any analysis of grammar rules and syntax.

The focus of the lessons is on good pronunciation, often introducing learners to phonetic symbols before they see standard writing examples.