Find great deals for Fleshburn (VHS). Shop with Fleshburn (VHS). About this Fleshburn Betamax Not VHS Revenge Thriller Sonny Landham Beta 80's. Director: George Gage. Starring: Karen Carlson, Sonny Landham, Steve Kanaly, Macon McCalman, Robert. Theme Song: There are no theme songs, just a bunch of violins. Interesting Dated References: Seeking vengeance; Using terrible experiences.


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It's more of a thriller about revenge.

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There's really not much going on in this movie either, and the actors fleshburn 1984 very good. I was bored by this.


Typically, survivalist genre movies are well-liked in these parts, but something is lacking in this one. Poster and Box Art: The Betamax cover for Fleshburn is pretty misleading. They make you think this is some Rambo-in-the-desert type of shit, while throwing in a naked shadow-lady.

No naked chick silhouettes or skylines for the Europeans. Fleshburn 1984 could fleshburn 1984 get a tiny bit of water, trap some sort of food, build fires, etc. But this dude is like a walking resource on how to survive in the desert. With essentially fleshburn 1984 explanation as to how.

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He just kinda "knows this stuff". He knows how to track where they are, how fleshburn 1984 get water, trap food, how fleshburn 1984 keep cool, how to survive. And he knows it all and does it all right away. So about ten minutes after they're stuck, they're pretty much fine.

There's very little feeling of danger. Eventually, the situation gets to the point where they can either go for help, or stay there fleshburn 1984 die. By utilizing the darkness of night and a small diversion, Sam fleshburn 1984 Jay sneak away from the watch of Calvin and break out to find help.

The movie is one of those where it gets labeled as bad, simply because of the absence of good.

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Fleshburn 1984, this movie is not good by any means. It's not something I'd ever watch multiple times, buy, have memories of.

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fleshburn 1984 It feels very TV-friendly, like fleshburn 1984 above average made for TV movie. I hardly think that's new. And so this came from a story from the guy who wrote the novel Death Wish is based on, called "Fear in a Handful of Dust" The man seeking revenge was put into a mental institution for committing some kind of war crimes.