Final Fantasy Complete Guide Fragment Location, List, and Guides Give feedback to my email [email protected] (give tips. For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs has 25 FAQs (game guides and You can write and submit your own FAQ or guide for this game too! "Three years after the events in Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning has gone missing and largely unremembered by the very people who were her closest mates, while.


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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wiki Guide - IGN

Over the course of the past few years Square has introduced the next MMO in the series, Final Fantasy XIV, but that title has been plagued by major shake-ups in its development team and issues that have, at least so far, created circumstances that have not lead to the level of success that is usually enjoyed by games in the series.

I mention this because while the MMO titles in the series have loosely followed the basic world structure and included familiar elements, items, characters, and magic, they also contained content that was unique to them, and that is not found in final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide major numbers in the series.

This is significant because so many more players final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide introduced to the Final Fantasy series through the MMO versions than all of the single-player versions combined, and as a result have formed expectations that often are not easily met when they finally get around to playing one of the other games.

If that describes you -- if your initial exposure to the world of Final Fantasy was through the MMO's -- you will find game play in the non-MMO games to be very different than what you are used to. That is not a bad thing really, especially considering that the single-player games are a much more intense play experience and tend to offer a stiffer challenge and, naturally, require more self-sufficiency and a measure of play confidence that sets them apart since you cannot rely upon the assistance of other human players in playing through both the story and the adventure.

The best advice that I can give you when you are approaching a game in the series from that point of view -- final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide particularly this game if you have not played FFXIII -- is to accept it for what it is, and try not to have any expectations that the play experience will be similar to a previous title in the series -- unless, as is the case here, it is a sequel sharing the title number.

If you have the time and are so inclined, even though you do not have to play FFXIII to play and enjoy FFXIII-2, I firmly recommend that you do so anyway, since playing the previous game in this major number for the series will offer you experiences and insights that you can only get through play that will, naturally, allow you to form much deeper attachments to the final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide and provide the sort of background knowledge that will easily increase your enjoyment of the story ten-fold.

Introduction - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide

The starting montage and intro CS Back in May when I wrote the walkthrough and guide for Final Fantasy XIII I found it to be one of the most intense and complicated play experiences in the series -- and if you are familiar with the series, that is saying something.

The amazing graphics and well-engineered battle systems were a particularly strong element in that judgment, but like a lot of gamers I experienced the narrow structure of certain battles -- which really could only be won using specific tactics that the player was left to discover on their own with no in-game guidance -- to be something less than a favorite part of the game.

The now familiar ATB system reappeared and, in spite of reasonable criticism that the fighting system has received over the years, is nonetheless one of the better systems for the JRPG format that we have seen. Happily gameplay in XIII-2 unfolds in a manner that quickly shows that the folks at Square recognized the disadvantages that existed in the previous game, and went to considerable efforts to correct them in this sequel; and those tweaks and fixes do not apply strictly to combat, but other aspects of the final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide as well!

Another happy point is that, in contrast to the Achievements that were built into the previous title, many of which could be missed, save for final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide lone exception that is difficulty based, the path for the Achievements in XIII-2 is a natural one, and players should find that unlocking them really is part of the story and play rather than something that they have to actively pursue.

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If that final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide all that there was to it it would be enough to simply recommend final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide you read each page as it is presented to you, but we want more than that for you -- and from you! We want to encourage you to drink in the details and soak up all that is implied in between the revelations, the background and the foreground, as speaking of the Zen-like manner in which the games actions were made to flow, an equally balanced approach was taken in preserving the information and the story-based retelling of the events so that far from merely informing, it embodies the carrying forth of that information like the bearer of a lantern on the darkest shore, providing light for your attention in order to both deepen and quicken the process of absorption and at the same time build into that very same process elements of mystery that revolves around what is concealed in plain sight.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Complete Guide |

What we are saying in so complicated a manner can easily be summed up in much more simple terms: It is there to fill in the blanks you have with respect to lore, legend, and what came before.

In short it exists to breath real life into the events and characters, their actions in victory and final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide, and the color that fills in the edges of the world in which you are adventuring.

And as a bonus, concealed among this information are elements of the current final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide, its plots, and the details that might be found or inferred and that -- wholly dependent upon the effort that you willingly make to hunt for it -- add to the richness of your adventures, layer by layer.

You owe it to yourself to embrace it.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Boss Strategy Guide

And truly enjoy final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide. Because the more you know about the world and your adventures in it, the stronger your feelings will be for it, and the deeper its hold will become upon you. When you are planning out the acquisition of mobs with which to build your Monster Teams you will find this to be invaluable, because it is more than simply a record of each mob, it is a dossier of their final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide, their weaknesses, and what you need to do to make them dead.

Like the Datalog itself, reading the information and the entertainment that is presented within this part of your library is its own reward. Optional bosses are not listed, neither are there any strategies here for coliseum battles.

At the start of a boss battle, cast Libra on all targets. The quicker you cast Libra, the less time you waste employing attacks that your opponent is immune or resistant to.


To add up to the difficulty, your party will be divided. The third and final boss battle for Episode 5 is against Gogmagog, the second most overused creature that you final fantasy 13-2 strategy guide boss fights against after Caius.

Caius will continually buff himself with various status effects, and debuff your party with Curse, Deprotect and Shell.


Keep dispelling his buffs, while casting Esuna or counter-buffing to cure your team of all status ailments inflicted upon them.

Use elemental attacks, since Caius is resistant to physical and magic damage. Wound damage works well too.