The Jesus as we know him - the Jesus of Christianity - definitely did not exist. Most scholars do believe that Jesus was real1 but the lack of evidence supports the. The historicity of Jesus concerns the degree to which sources show Jesus of Nazareth existed .. Geoffrey Blainey notes that "a few scholars argue that Jesus did not even exist," and that they "rightly point out that contemporary references to  ‎Sources · ‎Historical reliability of the · ‎Events generally · ‎Christ myth theory. In Did Jesus Exist? historian and Bible expert Bart Ehrman confronts the question, "Did Jesus exist at all?" Ehrman vigorously defends the historical Jesus.


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Fifth, there is no historical evidence to support Wells' specific contention concerning James.


So this leaves Did jesus exist to face his own critique stated above. That he is clearly wrong about James weighs heavily against his entire thesis concerning the historical Jesus, just like he admits.

As with James, Wells fully realizes that if this is so, then his thesis suffers at another key point: Further, "the twelve" was interpolated into Did jesus exist epistle DJE,even without textual evidence for this conclusion! Again, Wells recognizes a crucial passage, and once again, the sense of special pleading is apparent.


He is did jesus exist to say virtually anything to avoid a clear text opposing his view, even did jesus exist he has to ignore the contrary evidence and hold that it was added, relying on little more than his own assertion. He downplays those presenting difficulties for his position Thallus, Tacitusand suggests late dates for others, again in contrast to the wide majority of scholars Thallus [perhaps second century AD!

Historicity of Jesus

The most important problem for Wells' treatment is Josephus' testimony. In order to dismiss this important Jewish documentation, Wells resorts to questioning both did jesus exist Josephus' references to Jesus. Not only does he disallow them as interpolated comments, but he did jesus exist that this is also "widely admitted" by scholars HEJ, 18; DJE, But he is so wide of the mark here that one is tempted to question his research altogether.


While virtually everyone thinks that portions of Josephus' longer statement in Antiquities Princeton Seminary's James Charlesworth strongly concludes: It is independent of the gospels, according to Wells' dating. Josephus' second statement refers to James as the brother of Jesus, who was called the Christ Antiquities This also hurts Well's thesis significantly, because it likewise links Jesus to did jesus exist first century person who was known to Did jesus exist and other apostles.

Both clearly place Jesus in a specific first century context connected with the apostles and Pilate, cannot be derived from the gospels on Wells' dating, and come from a non-Christian.

What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and died? | World news | The Guardian

Wells even did jesus exist that such independent data would be of "great value" DJE, So it is exceptionally instructive, not just that Wells dismisses both, but that he clearly wishes his readers to think that contemporary scholarship is firmly on his side when it very clearly is nowhere close.

Charlesworth specifically refers did jesus exist Wells' treatment of Josephus, saying that, "Many solid arguments can be presented against such distortions and polemics.

For example, he tries to dismiss Paul's dating the resurrection appearances to the third day after Jesus' death in 1 Corinthians Further, he regularly stumbles when attempting did jesus exist summarize recent scholarship. But Wells recognizes his lack of specialization, as a self-proclaimed "amateur" DJE, 2having taught German.

The entire subject of the resurrection is also troublesome for Wells.