Dibs in Search of Self has ratings and reviews. jo said: this book seems to cause strong reactions, so let me first say what i think it is not. The classic of child therapy. This is the true story of how he learned to reach out for the sunshine, for life how he came to the breathless discovery of himself that brought him back to the world of other children. Virginia Axline was a pioneer of play therapy. Dibs in Search of Self by Virginia M. Axline, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.


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In Chapter 7 she recounts that he had asked her why the things he had asked not to be moved have been moved and, when she had dibs in search of self+ebook out to sharpen a pencil whose point he had broken, the observers behind the two-way mirror had recorded that he had dug in the sand, found a soldier and buried him again.

When he had asked her to turn on a radiator, she had explained that the boiler was broken and being fixed.

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He had said that you could find out a lot by just hanging around people and watching what they do. In Chapter 8 she recounts how his mother had phoned up the next dibs in search of self+ebook to ask for an appointment.

She had said that she was worried about Dibs — he was coming out of his room more often but looked unhappy. A psychiatrist had told them that Dibs was a rejected and emotionally deprived child and that she and her husband needed the treatment, something which had nearly wrecked their marriage.

So they had sent him to a private school and filled his playroom with toys.

Dibs : in search of self

He had then played in the sandbox, breaking to look at her notes and telling her to spell out the names of the colours and not abbreviate them.

He had gone on to say that he liked listening to Jake but, since Jake had had a heart attack, he had only been around occasionally.

In Chapter 12 she recounts how Dibs had missed a week because of measles and on his next visit had played dibs in search of self+ebook the sandbox, sang some of the songs he had learned at school and asked her what therapy was.

He had told her that, while he was ill, the room had been darkened and his mother had read to him and he had listened to records but he had missed his books. In Chapter 13 she recounts how his mother had arranged to collect him a bit later dibs in search of self+ebook necessary; he had sung and painted and engaged in a lot of water play before recalling a visit to his grandmother when he had forgotten to pack his toy animals and she had sent them along with another gift by post.

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He had said he was glad his grandmother was coming soon and that he would have a party. This had upset him so much that he had stopped the game and asked to go to her office.


Dibs in search of self+ebook Chapter 14 she recounts how Dibs had arrived with his birthday present, a Morse code set, and initially reverted to his original very childish way of talking. He had then played in the sandbox, interrupting that to bake some biscuits, and had started talking about when he was a baby but had then changed the subject.

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Through his tears Dibs had explained his hurt at doors being closed and locked against him and had then continued with drama, saving his parents from the house and saying that they used to lock him in his room but not any more.

After he had recovered from the emotions of this drama, he had left relaxed and happy. He had then gone on to talk about the children at school before engaging in some water play, making a glass harmonica, and then mixing up all the paint jars. He had then gone to the dibs in search of self+ebook where he had pasted in dibs in search of self+ebook bookplates and asked for reassurance about his relationship with her.

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In Chapter 17 she recounts how his mother had visited the next day to say thank you and report all the improvements in Dibs. She had admitted that she had known he was not mentally dibs in search of self+ebook because she had tried to prove herself as his teacher and she knew what he could do.

He had always been relaxed when his grandmother had visited and she had told her to relax. In Chapter 19 she recounts how Dibs had asked if he could dibs in search of self+ebook something on the tape-recorder and had recorded a monologue about his behaviour at school corresponding to the account given by the teachers and then one about telling off his father and sending him to his room where he had screamed.

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After playing that back he had made another recording about hating his father and wanting to punish him; but he had then said it was only make-believe and he had made various gifts for him at school.

He had gone on to describe how his father had taken him out to Long Island and they had had a good time but had said that he still wanted to teach him a lesson. In Chapter 20 she recounts dibs in search of self+ebook Dibs had said there were three more times counting that day and had gone on to talk about their vacation on an island with his grandmother.

He had then made an impossible demand of the mother doll, shouting at and threatening it before breaking off to play tenderly with the sister doll and talking about school and the things he had made at school for the members of the family.

He had finished the session by painting and had said how much dibs in search of self+ebook would miss her over the summer, a sentiment she had reciprocated.

In Chapter 21 she recounts how she had borrowed a test set of toys which enabled him to build a world in which he had become absorbed.