"Damaged" is the story of Cathy Glass and her year-long effort to reach a little girl who was so damaged by abusive parents that her goal turned out to be one. Damaged: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Forgotten Child by Cathy Glass Cathy, an experienced foster carer, is pressured into taking Jodie as a new  Pages‎: ‎ Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author and foster carer Cathy Glass' three inspirational memoirs, Damaged, A Baby's Cry and The Night the.


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She has lost most of her anger, and rarely speaks of her natural family and has no wish to see them.

Damaged: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Forgotten Child

It was decided that the family should be in the same area as High Oaks so that Jodie could continue at her school, and maintain friendships. All this came as something of a surprise to my family and I, although we are obviously very pleased that Jodie will have a proper family of her own.

We shall still keep in touch with Jodie for as long as she wants, however cathy glass damaged realise that she will gradually transfer the cathy glass damaged she feels for us and the staff at High Oaksto her permanent family.

She would soil herself to get her way and smear her face and the house with her waste.

DAMAGED – Cathy Glass

cathy glass damaged That would be enough for most people to say uncle but Cathy persevered. Somewhere deep down inside the troubled little girl, she must have sensed that finally she found someone who cared about her.


Cathy would get discouraged but she always put Jodie's interest first. Cathy glass damaged began to trust Cathy and let slip little hints about being abused, severely abused.


As time went on cathy glass damaged Cathy was able to get more and more out of her, it turned out that her father had sexually abused her for years - perhaps beginning when she was a toddler - and her mother took part in the abuse and covered for her husband.

Jodie spoke of uncles and grandfathers who also abused her. cathy glass damaged

Cathy was appalled and of course reported everything she heard to the Social Services. Bureaucracies are slow-moving entities and although they received strong hints that things were cathy glass damaged in Jodie's household, the situation had been let go literally for years.


Cathy kept pushing for Jodie to get help. Finally, a psychologist witnessed firsthand the violence and rage in the little cathy glass damaged and immediately recommended that she be placed in a therapeutic unit where she could have care day and night. But - although cathy glass damaged seems we have reached a plateau I think there is a way to go.

Damaged Summary & Study Guide

The misery memoir, of which A Boy Called It is the ur-text, is a step along the way. Misery memoirs - my Waterstone' Are we cathy glass damaged living in the age cathy glass damaged Full Disclosure when everything is revealed about what people do to each other, the real truth about what human beings are?

Misery memoirs - my Waterstone's has a whole wall of them. Damaged was one of the first.

Damaged - Böcker | Bokus bokhandel

Cathy glass damaged here's what is still to be revealed: We might be talking about domestic abuse or rape or war crimes, but there's nothing from them ever. I was horrified, enthralled, and in tears by the end. This book is written by an experienced foster carer and she describes so clearly the cathy glass damaged the dreadful abuse has on the child, and also the effect it has on her family when they hear the little girl talk about what she has suffered.

It also gives a real insight into fostering and the social services, I hope they take note. I was extremely moved by it and also uplifted.

I am looking forward to her next book.