Do you want to convert a PDF file to a MOBI file? Description, The file is an eBook format created by a French eBook company called Mobipocket. Purchase Greek, Indian and Arabic Logic, Volume 1 - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. eBook ISBN: DRM-free (EPub, PDF, Mobi). × DRM-. Download some Arabic language ebook mobi files. We recommend books from Hindawi. Connect your Kindle to your computer using a USB.


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It is of relevance to any researcher interested in the opportunities and challenges engendered by this changing scholarly ecosystem. Quote BTW, did you test arabic ebook mobi files on your K3, and did they display correctly?


Now I've tested your file and it was ok. As you've arabic ebook mobi, the publisher font didn't work, and the "alt" font user font also didn't work for me.

Quote Fixed layout books are KF8. I hate the default font as much as you, but without a jailbreak and a font hack it's not possible to install additional fonts.

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And even with a font hack it might be tricky, because the Arabic glyphs come from the code However, you can override this here in case the default is arabic ebook mobi suitable for you. The Font size key option lets you control how non-base font sizes are rescaled.

The font rescaling algorithm works using a font size key, which is simply a comma-separated list of font sizes. The idea arabic ebook mobi that there should be a limited number of font sizes in a document.

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Suppose the source document we are converting was produced by someone with excellent eyesight and has a base font size of 8pt. That means the bulk of the text in the document is sized at 8pts, while headings are somewhat larger say 10 and 12pt and arabic ebook mobi somewhat smaller at 6pt.

Now if we use the following settings: Now suppose we want to make the largest heading size stand out more arabic ebook mobi make the footnotes a little larger as well.


To achieve this, the font key should be changed to: New font size key: You can play with these settings to try and figure out what would be optimum for you by using the font rescaling wizard, arabic ebook mobi can be accessed by clicking the little button arabic ebook mobi to the Font size key setting.

All the font size rescaling in the conversion can also be disabled here, if you would like to preserve the font sizes in the input document.

A related setting is Line height. Line height controls the vertical height of lines.

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By default, a line height of 0no manipulation of line heights is performed. However, this is something arabic ebook mobi a blunt weapon and should be used sparingly. In this section you can also tell calibre to embed any arabic ebook mobi fonts into the book.

This will allow the fonts to work on reader devices even if they are not available on the device.