after figuring out my charging issue:D i must move on to figuring out how tune my stock Aisan Carb until I can afford a weber. must of the. A mixture adjusting screw in a carburetor for regulating the fuel efflux during engine idling is provided in which the end needle portion of the. Does adjusting the idle mixture on the carburetor affect the engine's overall one guy's mechanic tunes the Aisan carb on his local Proton Saga.


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You may have opened turned in the speed screw.

How to Tune and Adjust Your Carburetor

Your final setting should be under 2 full turns. Reset the screws back in to the best final settings Per your notes and go on a test drive and have fun.

If the settings are other than described aisan carburetor tuning you may want to recalibrate the Idle circuit low speed circuit to your engines needs. If the speed screw has to be opened 2 or more turns then this is also an indication of a lean condition usually requiring greater change.

At times it may appear to aisan carburetor tuning showing signs of richness or flooding it is really a lean condition. See pictures and notes in the tech 2 article supplied in the kit instructions, view and please understand the need to keep throttle plate as near to closed as aisan carburetor tuning so as not to prematurely expose the transition holes.

This is what causes the visible rich condition, and confirms the need to increase the jet size.

Achieving the best idle at under 2 turns indicates the need for a smaller idle jet. Screw the idle mixture in until it seats, then back aisan carburetor tuning out two turns.

Start the truck, choke off. Using a tachometer, adjust the idle mixture screw a little bit at a time in the direction that increase the rpm's. When further adjustment of the idle mixture screw does not increase rpm any aisan carburetor tuning, reset the idle to rpm using the idle speed screw.


Thus, the spring 3 forces the screw toward its threaded portion 2 to secure it against loosening and to prevent any inadvertent rotation of the screw due to engine vibration or other external forces.

The spring 3 is exposed to the fuel passage. The foremost end of the screw 1 terminates into a sharp needle 4 which is moved forwardly or reawardly in accordance with aisan carburetor tuning screw rotation to change the open area of the aisan carburetor tuning port 5 to thereby adjust the fuel flow rate.


The head portion 6 of the screw 1 is sunken in a cavity 8" formed aisan carburetor tuning the carburetor body 8 so that the head portion does not project outside of the carburetor body.

Aisan carburetor tuning plug 7 is driven into the peripheral edge of the cavity 8" and secured in position so as to cover the screw head.

Aisan Carb adjustments - Help!

Your throttle response should also be crisp and responsive. The engine should rev smoothly and quickly as soon as you apply throttle.


If the vehicle is displaying any sort of sluggish performance or misfires when you apply the throttle, then aisan carburetor tuning adjustments are required.

If there are multiple screws, it is important to try and adjust them all by the same amount of increments.

How to Tune and Adjust Your Carburetor | YourMechanic Advice

Keeping all of the adjusted screws aisan carburetor tuning as closely together as possible will ensure that the fuel is distributed into the engine as evenly as possible, yielding the smoothest performance and operation across all engine speeds.

Locate the idle mixture screw. Once the air fuel mixture screws have been aisan carburetor tuning adjusted, and the engine runs smoothly both at idle, and when revved, it is time to locate the idle mixture screw.