At this summit meeting these leaders began to design a new fire service culture. This new culture is built on the. 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives. so that. Purpose: The Firefighter Life Safety Initiative program is a nationwide effort to prevent The program calls for fire departments to implement 16 Firefighter Life. The 16 Life Safety Initiatives call on firefighters to honestly assess their practices and make needed changes in the safety culture.


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Conduct a Safety Assessment Like any other form of "advertising," we need to surround ourselves with safety messages to constantly reinforce their meaning. 16 life safety initiatives, postcards to your members, business cards, e-mails, videos and hands-on training are all ways to get the safety message across to your firefighters, subliminally or through "in your face" marketing techniques.

But are they enough?

Understanding and Implementing the 16 Life Safety Initiatives

To make the LSIs more than hollow rhetoric, we must pause and examine all of our practices and identify opportunities to improve the level of safety at which they are performed.

Self-assessment should be a continual process.

Whether we realize it or not, we hold safety meetings almost every time we get together, often around the kitchen table or sitting on the tailboard as we dissect the last run or the actions of another fire company.

We just need to be honest about our own unsafe acts and support each other to 16 life safety initiatives them.

Once in a while we need to drop the tough exterior and allow 16 life safety initiatives other to speak freely about what scares the stuffing out 16 life safety initiatives us on the fireground.

A popular Homeland Security theme is: The ability for any firefighter to throw a figurative or real red flag at an incident scene is still a reactive but effective means of saving lives. That will never change.

There are so many tools and resources available, including a variety of Web sites and other sources, that there should be no excuse for not incorporating a different safety theme into every training session and every teachable moment.

The best place to start is with the low-hanging fruit.

16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives

Small victories add up quickly and build lasting momentum. Nothing breeds success like success itself. Google it and get one. Tweak it to be your own. Implement it and after a month of percent compliance, reward your firefighters and let them pick the next safety challenge to tackle.

Still running hot to cold calls? Still bullying your way through intersections with a ton piece of apparatus and an oversized air horn hoping that the sheer sound pressure will push oncoming 16 life safety initiatives out of your path?

16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives |

Get a response and intersection policy in place. Not sure where to start?

Then proceed … slowly. How long have we known that? Start with more thorough exams at your annual physicals.


Why do we spend years specifying a single piece of fire apparatus and only minutes to choose our medical screeners? Educate your firefighters on how to avoid the risks. Initiate a "Biggest Loser" contest like many firehouses have done, and reward your members for coercing their 16 life safety initiatives firefighters into the competition.


All firefighters must be empowered 16 life safety initiatives stop 16 life safety initiatives practices. Develop and implement national standards for training, qualifications, and certification including regular recertification that are equally applicable to all firefighters based on the duties they are expected to perform.

Develop and implement national medical and physical fitness standards that are equally applicable to all firefighters, based on the duties they are expected to perform. Create a national research agenda and data collection system that relates to the initiatives.

Start Living the Life Safety Initiatives - Fire Rescue

Utilize available technology wherever it can produce higher levels of health and safety. Thoroughly investigate all firefighter fatalities, injuries, and near misses. National standards for emergency response policies and procedures should be developed and championed.